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  • The Most Advanced Key Management Software

    SimpleK is a complete, flexible and intuitive software for master key system and facility management.

    Mainly used by institutional locksmiths, security and facility managers, SimpleK offers efficient solutions for :

    • bullet Master key system design and management;
    • bullet Key, key ring and item issuance;
    • bullet Cylinders and core pinning;
    • bullet Personal records and inventories;
    • bullet Buildings, doors and floor plans;
    • bullet Door hardware schedule;
    • bullet Reports, history and much more!
  • Institutional Locksmith:

    SimpleK offers many advanced master keying functionalities to help you :

    • bullet Master Key System
      (Many Levels, Multiple Manufacturers Compatibility, Different Methods & Options)
    • bullet Manage System Expansion
    • bullet Calculate Core Pinning Stack
      (According to the system type & structure, core type, associated keys, etc.)
    • bullet Plan, Perform & Register Rekeying
  • Paperless Processes!

    (Key Requests, Key Issuances & Returns, Deposits & Refund, etc.)

    • bullet SimpleK is compatible with electronic signature capture devices, allowing electronics handwritten signatures to be bound directly to digital documents.
    • bullet Fully Personalizable Forms
    • bullet Auto Generated PDF Documents & Receipts
  • Easy To Deploy – Thin Client Solution

    ( Web Based Solution for Multi-user Distributed Key Control )

    Web Interface Module

  • User Friendly



  • Stop losing time going back and forth

    Have true “know before you go” detail of every piece
    of hardware on a door, include the complete door
    hardware schedule and maintenance log.

  • You have all the information on paper?

    ( 23 Master Key Systems, 225 000 Keys, 12 500 Doors over 63 Buildings … )

  • Key Control & Maintenance Software

    for Small to Midsize Facilities

Version 5.1 is available!
  • Door Inspection
  • Card Request on Web Module
  • Cylinders History
  • Delete unused people
  • Pinning Type (Single Keyed, Maison, All Masters)
  • Easily Merge Holders
  • Key Request/Work Order Acceptance process
  • Item Requests from web application
  • New Logo
  • Many other new features and improvements!
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